TERRA DI TARTUFI offers you a select quality of fresh truffles and truffle products from the best regions as well as other specialities. In addition to high quality products we guarantee consistently reliable service and good value for money. During the season we visit the truffle regions at least once a week to personally select fresh truffles for you. Further, we are in daily contact with our suppliers, some of whom have been our trusted partners for over 25 years. We look back on many years of experience and we have a passion for the products as well as a network of selected suppliers. These factors, together with our extremely high standards and constant monitoring, enable us to keep up steady, regular deliveries of the very best quality products to food retailers and restaurants.

Together with a partner, Andreas Jokisch founded ‘La Bilancia Trüffelhandelsgesellschaft’ as a student in 1985 and was the managing director there until September 2009. From 1998 to the end of 2009 he was also a shareholder in the Italian company ‘Appenninofunghi e Tartufi srl’ where he had a considerable influence on the development of the brand.

Andreas Stock started selling truffles in 1991 under the name ‘Stock Tartufi’ where he enjoyed sole responsibility until 2011.

At the beginning of 2012, the two men joined forces under the name Terra di Tartufi GmbH.

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