CARPACCIO di tartufo

ORGANIC truffle carpaccio

For this delicious truffle carpaccio, Terra di Tartufi uses only very mature dark summer truffles and the finest virgin olive oil certified as organic. By dispensing completely with artificial and natural aromas, Terra di Tartufi enables its connoisseur customers to enjoy the full-bodied taste of a perfectly matured tuber aestivum. This thinly sliced carpaccio is delicious with crostini, meat and firm fish. It can also be used to refine pasta and risotto, as a filling for French brie, or combined with cream cheese on rye bread. For a special taste experience, try this carpaccio with lettuce hearts and a soft boiled egg.
The Terra di Tartufi organic truffle carpaccio is a pure culinary delight for all those who want more than finely chopped preserved truffles.
Ideal for vegetarian, vegan and ketogenic cuisine.

Ingredients: Organic black summer truffles (tuber aestivum), organic extra virgin olive oil, salt.
30g  jar