CREMA tartufo nero

Cream of black truffles

The unique taste of this savoury cream of black summer truffles is also due to the addition of black olives and herbs. This full-blooded flavour is perfect for the refinement of a variety of recipes for pasta, meat and fillings, as a sauce for scaloppini, or just spread on bread straight from the jar. Easy to use but very impressive, it is the perfect seasoning to match your cooking. This premium-quality cream is ideal for preparing spectacular last-minute meals. In no time at all your creamed potatoes become a luxury and pancakes with a truffle filling are a 3-star snack.
You can use the Terra di Tartufi cream of black truffles to turn good home cooking into a real gourmet taste experience.
Ideal for vegetarian, vegan and ketogenic cuisine.

Ingredients: Mushroom (agaricus bisporus), potatoes, virgin olive oil, black olives, summer truffles 5% (tuber aestivum), herbs, salt, aroma.
Jar: 85g