CREMA tartufo bianco

Cream of white truffles

This light Terra di Tartufi cream of white truffles is a harmonious product for the refinement of your favourite dishes. This light, very fine cream develops an extremely delicate taste due to the addition of clarified butter and Grana cheese. The versatile cream has made a name for itself in gourmet cuisine for refining sauces, purées and fillings or for spreading on meat, fish and crostini. The classic recipes using this product are grilled veal, tagliatelle or gnocchi. Its aromatic taste and fully rounded consistency make this finest of white creams excellently suited to warm winter meals and full-bodied fillings.
The Terra di Tartufi cream of white truffles enables you to enjoy that particularly delicate taste of truffles out of season.
Ideal for vegetarian cuisine.

Ingredients: Cream, clarified butter, Grana Padano cheese, potatoes, olive oil, Bianchetto truffles 2.8% (tuber borchii), Alba truffles 0.2% (tuber magnatum), salt, flavor.
85g jar