MIELE al tartufo bianco

Truffle honey

Acacia honey is famous for its great clarity and its delicate bouquet. Terra di Tartufi combines this top-quality Italian honey with a touch of white truffle flavour. In various combinations, this delicacy, with its subtle contrast in taste and its ideal consistency, will be the crowning glory at the end of any meal. This delectable truffle honey tastes best of all on natural classics like cheese and air-dried prosciutto, or as a marinade for venison and lamb. The Italian preference is on cheese: pecorino, all tangy alpine cheeses as well as slices of parmesan or of a creamy mild gorgonzola form the perfect base for this sweet but savoury temptation. Make sure that your cheese is served at the perfect temperature and not too cold (don’t forget to take it out of the refrigerator in plenty of time)! Roasted nuts, sultanas, thin slices of fruit loaf or fresh white bread will turn these cheese variations into an exquisite taste experience. If you have a sweet tooth, we dare you to combine the honey with vanilla ice cream or plain chocolate, alternatively with a yeasty bun or French toast. The Terra di Tartufi truffle honey is an exciting counterpoint to savoury dishes as well as to desserts.
Ideal for vegetarian cuisine.

Ingredients: Acacia honey, white truffle (tuber magnatum), aroma.
120g jar