OLIO tartufo bianco

Truffle oil

The Terra di Tartufi truffle oil is the perfect companion in your kitchen to ensure year-round enjoyment of recipes with truffles. Lovers of the white Alba truffle will come into their own outside the short harvest period for our favourite truffle with this subtly seasoned oil. Naturally, the oil cannot be a substitute for fresh tuber magnatum, but it helps to bridge the long gap out of season when you have to forgo the pleasure. This completely harmonious product is a marriage of top-quality virgin olive oil and the unique flavour of white truffles. Our mild olive oil brings out perfectly the subtle flavour of white truffles without dominating the taste. This classic among truffle products can be used universally in small doses; its unmistakable taste makes it eminently suited to the enhancement of sauces, vinaigrettes, carpaccio, pasta sauces, meals including ceps, full-bodied vegetable recipes involving beetroot, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc., casseroles and all kinds of meat dishes. We recommend adding this subtle oil to warm meals shortly before serving to ensure the full flavour.
Enjoy the distinctive harmonious taste of this exquisite culinary delight.
Ideal for vegetarian, vegan and ketogenic cuisine.

Ingredients: Virgin olive oil, aroma.
250ml and 55ml bottles