JUS de truffes

Truffle juice

The Terra di Tartufi truffle juice is the little sister of our EXTRA truffle juice. The intensive taste of this natural, less expensive product is impressive. This exellent truffle juice made out of PĂ©rigord and winter truffles (tuber melanosporum and tuber brumale) results from the initial boil of these sublime black truffles prior to preserving. The juice, consisting of water, truffle extract and salt, is greatly reduced to produce the unmistakable intensive taste of these exclusive winter truffles, whereby they are only boiled in brine without any aroma or preservatives: a purely luxury product for enhancing sauces, soups and stock.
The Terra di Tartufi truffle juice is a great favourite for use in home cooking as well as in 3-star cuisine; this basic product is a must for all lovers of cooking.

Ideal for vegetarian, vegan and ketogenic cuisine.

Ingredients: Truffle juice (tuber melanosporum e tuber brumale), salt.
200g can