SALE tartufato

Truffle salt

The Terra di Tartufi truffle salt is a versatile seasoning endowing various recipes with that extra gourmet touch. Dried truffles and ceps together with a little truffle aroma are mixed with pure sea salt to give you a delicate mixture that can be universally used: meat briefly turned on the grill, fish and fried or creamed potatoes as well as thick soups and casseroles are endowed with an inimitable fragrance and taste in no time at all. Whether on your soft-boiled egg for breakfast or on a perfectly grilled T-bone steak at dinnertime, the subtle flavour of our truffle salt is our most ingenious partner in your kitchen. Simple to use but offering great complexity, this salt lends your cooking a harmonious, nutty flavour. Truffle salt has the advantage that it can be stored for a long period and tiny amounts can be used at all times. Do not cook or roast this salt as it will lose in taste.
The Terra di Tartufi truffle salt extends the selection of seasoning in your kitchen by an excellent all-rounder.
Ideal for vegetarian, vegan and ketogenic cuisine.

Ingredients: Sea salt, dried summer truffle (tuber aestivum), Boletuses (boletus edulis and related groups), flavor.
100g jar