BRECCE di tartufo

Truffle slivers

Terra di Tartufi combines finely chopped bianchetto truffles with extra virgin olive oil in this truffle brunoise. What’s special about this exclusive product is that neither artificial or natural aromas nor preserving agents are added. Very finely chopped truffles are perfect on crostini, in sauces and meat fillings of all kinds as well as for refining an elegant tartare of veal. Brecce di tartufo is the ideal answer to any spontaneous hunger for luxury. Generous slivers of truffle on warm toast are the perfect delicacy for you and your guests. Whether served as antipasti or as a snack, crostini with truffles together with a glass of spumante will leave a lasting impression!
This is a exquisite natural product with a subtle body and no aroma additives. It has a nutty taste and can be used universally; it is a must in every gourmet household.
Ideal for vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

Ingredients: White Bianchetto truffles 60% (tuber borchii), virgin olive oil, salt.
30g jar