Top-quality fresh truffles and truffle products

TERRA DI TARTUFI offers you a fine selection of top-quality fresh truffles and truffle products from the best regions as well as other specialities. In addition to these select products, we guarantee consistently reliable service and real value for money. During the season we visit the truffle regions regularly to personally select fresh truffles for you. Furthermore, we are in daily contact with our suppliers, some of whom have been our trusted partners for over 30 years. We look back on many years of experience, we share a passion for the product, and we have built up a network of selected suppliers over the years. These factors, together with our extremely high standards and constant monitoring, enable us to keep up steady, regular deliveries of the very best quality products to restaurants and retailers.

TERRA DI TARTUFI offers all the known varieties such as Alba truffles (white truffles), Périgord truffles (black winter truffles), summer truffles (scorzone estivo), autumn truffles (scorzone invernale), bianchetto truffles as well as China truffles. We can also supply you with desert truffles (terfezia). If you want any lesser known variety (bitumen truffles, garlic truffles, honey truffles, or others) we can also supply these, depending on what the market offers.


Quality and freshness are a matter of trust

Buying fresh truffles is a matter of trust: there are few products for which there is such a difference in quality and price as is the case for truffles. There are white truffles, black truffles and various kinds of each. It also must be remembered that very few buyers are able to enjoy truffles very often: they are not always available and are rather expensive. As it is therefore relatively difficult to form a sound opinion of the product, it very important to have a truffle supplier you trust who has the necessary know-how.

Based in Munich, we have been dealing in truffles for over 30 years now, supplying customers world-wide, regular and new, in top restaurants as well as star chefs, delicatessens and wholesalers. Our aim is customer satisfaction and to ensure that you enjoy our products. This means that we deliver reliably and punctually, taking your needs, wishes and any complaints seriously – and also sometimes advising you against buying truffles when the quality or price are seasonally out of kilter.

Whether regional or global, we supply the best products, professionally packed and kept cool, within 24 hours, or 48 hours at the latest.


There are truffles and truffles…

Generally speaking, when you talk about white truffles you mean the precious white Alba truffle (tuber magnatum). This indisputably has the most pungent fragrance of all truffles – and is by far the most expensive! Then there is the less valuable bianchetto truffle (tuber albidum or tuber borchii), which is normally available for about one tenth of the price of the Alba truffle. The desert truffle (tuber oligospermum) is also a white truffle but does not belong to the same family as all the other truffles mentioned here; the desert truffle is a separate kind. As if offers less fragrance and taste, it is considerably cheaper.


From the sublime to the less prestigious

The most famous and valuable black truffle is the Périgord truffle (tuber melanosporum), known in Italy as the Norcia truffle. The price here is usually about half or a third of white Alba truffles. Autumn truffles (tuber uncinatum) and summer truffles (tuber aestivum) are also black but less pungent in fragrance and taste and therefore considerably less expensive. China truffles (tuber indicum) are black or brown and less valuable again. Other black truffles, however – winter truffles (tuber brumale), bitumen truffles (tuber mesentericum) and the large-pored tuber macrosporum – are not normally offered in restaurants or retail.


Delicacies for every day of the year

Whenever your favourite variety of truffle is not available or the price of fresh truffles seems high, our selection of truffle products is a good alternative: truffle oil, truffle butter, truffle carpaccio, whole preserved truffles, truffle salt, truffle honey, truffle juice, cream of truffle varieties and other products cannot, in the eyes of a sophisticated truffle lover, be a substitute for fresh ones but can often be a less expensive way of enjoying this delicacy.


Oysters, caviar and other specialities

In addition to fresh truffles and the truffle products mentioned above, our small but exquisite product range also includes spéciale Ancelin oysters. This a spéciale de claire oyster from the Atlantic coast which requires intensive cultivation; it is distinguished by its firm flesh and the remarkable balance between sweet and salty. Our delicatessen range also includes choice top-notch caviar, processed and refined according to a unique Iranian recipe.


Shaving, opening and protecting

Our small range of products also includes kitchen aids: here you will find truffle shavers as well as chain mail gloves made of stainless steel for opening oysters and the knife to go with them. Our truffle shavers are made of wood or of brushed stainless steel with a smooth or serrated blade – ensuring precise shaving for all types of truffles.