CAVIAR Premium roe and Iranian tradition.

The three types of caviar we offer are all selected carefully according to the highest quality standards. The Beluga and Ossietra sturgeon are not kept in tanks but in rivers and this guarantees nearly the same quality as in wild sturgeon. The fish are bred in Spain, China and South America.
Only the best fish are used for caviar production: an experienced Iranian master of caviar production personally ensures that processing adheres strictly to the traditional Iranian recipe.

We offer three different qualities of caviar:

Our standard quality caviar is subject to a rigorous selection procedure
A caviar for gourmets which goes through a second selection procedure
Premium is the top-notch caviar for special occasions: a pale, firm roe with a minimum diameter of 2.5 mm

The sturgeons used are: Huso Dauricus, Acipenser Shrinkii, a hybrid of Husa Dauricus and Acipenser Shrinkii, Acipenser Baerii and Acipenser Naccarii. The season and the maturity of the sturgeon determine what type of caviar is supplied.

Caviar begins to lose its taste two or three months after production. The season for production differs from region to region but, since caviar is produced in different continents, it can be offered the whole year round.